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The usage rate of the sink in life is very high, so it is necessary to install the sink correctly, which can save the troubles encountered in future use. So how to install the sink in the end? Let's look at the installation precautions of the stainless steel sink together with the Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers . 1. Before installation First, open the package, take out the tank body and drain assembly, and check whether the tank fittings are complete. Then open the hole according to the opening method described above, and check whether the silencing block is degummed. If degumming occurs, stick it on in time. Check whether the sealing rings on both sides of the connecting pipe are missing, misplaced, damaged, etc. to avoid leakage after installation. 2. During installation In order to prevent inadvertent damage to the faucet surface when installing the angle valve, it is recommended to put the angle valve on a plastic bag before operating. When connecting the hot and cold water pipes, the way is to connect the hot water pipe at the left end and the cold water pipe at the right end. In the installation process, attention should be paid to the magnitude of tightening force. If the force is too large, it is easy to damage the threads and lead to screw loosening. If the force is too small, it may cause water leakage due to insufficient sealing. Therefore, when the water tank is installed, the sealing conditions of overflow holes and filter baskets must be carefully checked. 3. After installation When the sink is installed, be sure to remember to test the water. First, open the water sealing cover of the drainer, then raise the drain hose to keep it consistent with the basin mouth of the sink, then fill the sink with water to ensure that the drain pipe is also filled with water, wait for 3-5 minutes or so, and check whether each joint is leaking. If water seepage is found, rework and re-glue immediately. information about Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers :