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In the modern decoration process, many people will brick the laundry cabinet on the balcony, on the one hand is very beautiful, on the other hand can save the trouble of the size of the finished product, then the following Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet manufacturers talk about brick laundry The details of the cabinet need attention. First, on the side of the window, a large floor tile was erected, and then the brickwork was started. This is because the side of the laundry cabinet cannot be disposed of after the laundry cabinet is built. If the floor tiles are not built, then when the cabinet is built, the side is It will be very ugly. The second is to design the shape of the laundry cabinet according to their own needs, as well as the storage space for storage. These seemingly small details are actually related to the actual use in the later period. Finally, the drainage design of the brick laundry cabinet is also very important, because the convenience of use depends on whether the drainage is reasonable, and whether it can save a lot of troubles due to poor drainage. information about Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet :