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Many things in the house need to be protected, such as cold water pipes. The design considerations for such products are that the position of the hot and cold water pipes of the water tank needs to be designed in advance, so as to avoid the situation where the water pipes are exposed, if there is no Designed, there will be cold water pipes in the hot summer surface is always easy to "sweating", it is easy to damage the cabinet. So to prevent this, Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers tells you a few ways to solve it. 1. The desired thickness can be achieved by applying a liquid material containing cork chips to the tube one or two times. 2. Self-adhesive tape can also be used, which has special insulation properties. Several types are available for use. Among them, a putty-like adhesive tape is spirally wound around the pipe, and it is also easy to wrap around the pipe fitting and make the device look very clean. 3. The effect is better, that is, the asbestos tape is wrapped around the tube with glue. In the pipe fittings, the tape can be immersed in the glue and glued to the appropriate part for press forming. However, asbestos is easy to fly in the air, into the respiratory tract, and is not good for the body. 4. The design insulation layer is made of foamed plastic, which is made of porous asbestos, wool felt or fiberglass sleeve. The thick insulation layer, the sections are separated and can be spliced ​​along the pipe. information about Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers :