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Decoration has always been a headache for people, because it involves a lot of things, to design storage, the division of functional areas, all need to be carefully considered, then face such a headache, Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers teach you how to think about it? 1, color matching There should be a main color in the home decoration, and other colors should be coordinated with the main color, and should not deviate from the main color. The difference in the choice of the main color directly affects the different feelings of the entire design, so when remodeling the hardcover room, we must pay more attention to color matching. 2, light design You can choose some lights to achieve the effect of auxiliary light, creating a sense of layering, such as the installation of lighter wall lights and downlights, can alleviate the problem of cloudy or lack of daylight in the evening. In the living room, you can also use a chandelier, but also have a certain lighting effect. At the same time, you can also make full use of natural light. The window area of ​​the balcony, bedroom and other spaces is enlarged to help increase the light. The whole floor window is used between the balcony and the living room, and the window sill of the bedroom and the study room uses large glass windows. The duplex or the stair section of the villa is often the worst place for light. If the stairs are just close to the exterior of the building, try setting up a few large windows there. 3, storage upgrade Upgrade storage space to make more use of other spaces. For example, if the bay window is transformed into a cabinet style, the cabinet can be designed as a combination mode of cabinets or drawer cabinets. It is very convenient to put some small clothes, dolls, etc. in peacetime. Or, the upper and lower floors of the penthouse house are connected by stairs, and then we can use the area of ​​the stairwell reasonably. If you don't have any extra homes to do the study, you can design the area under the stairs as a bookcase, and put the daily books you need, and you can make up for the lack of a study. There are many methods, the key is to try and practice more. 4, furniture style The style of furniture refers to the general characteristics of the shape, texture, color, scale and proportion of the furniture. The sets of furniture formed by different materials, structures, shapes and colors are placed in a certain environment and have their own unique style. What kind of furniture is placed in the house depends on the owner's tastes and hobbies, just as different nationalities have their own special hobbies and styles. But it is important to choose furniture in accordance with the principle of “coordination”. It is not appropriate to put different styles of furniture in the same space. information about Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers :