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In addition to the use of pots and pans in the kitchen, the health problems need to be paid attention to. Some other fixed furniture should also pay attention to hygiene. Often, these easily overlooked places have great health problems, such as headaches for countless people. The glass glue on the side of the sink is moldy and dirty, and it is very difficult to clean. Then the following China Stainless Steel Sink manufacturer will tell you how to clean the mold on the side of the sink. It is true that the glass glue on the side of the sink is used to fix the sink. It is very durable, but it also makes it very difficult to clean up once it is stained. This position is particularly prone to mold, because in the sink we There are many things to do, such as washing dishes and washing dishes. Many times, if you don't pay attention, there will be water stains on the glass glue. Even after drying, the bacteria are still growing, so it is easy to use a long time. Moldy, this kind of mold can not be easily wiped off, so this has become a very headache for everyone, today I will tell you a few small methods to ensure that this problem is absolutely solved. First of all, we can prepare 84 and toothpaste first, find a container and pour it into 84, then squeeze a little of our common toothpaste into it, just find something to stir it. After the toothpaste is fully integrated into 84, we are using a small one. Brush, use the adjusted toothpaste 84 water to brush the glass glue on the side of the sink. At this time, the mildew or dirt on the glass glue is easily removed. Of course, this method is only suitable for dirt and mildew. If the dirt is very stubborn for many years, then this method will not work, and we need to use another method. The method is also very simple, it is a new one. This new replacement is not for you to directly change the sink with a new one. If the cost is too high, then this is not a small trick. Naturally, it will not let you guys. It takes so much money and manpower. We only need to go to the supermarket to buy a little glass glue, then go home and use a knife to scrape all the glass glue on the edge of the sink. This step actually looks a bit complicated. Actually, it is not difficult to actually operate. If you are worried that the strength is not enough, you can go first. White vinegar will be applied evenly around, and then used to cut open. After all the cuts, smeared with our newly purchased glass glue, you're done. It is also very simple and easy to operate. Finally, there is a very simple way to use bleach. We can prepare a napkin and then torn the size of the napkin into the same shape as the glass glue on the edge of the sink. Then wet the white paper with bleach. Then spread it evenly on the glass glue and let it sit overnight. When you get up the next morning, brush it with a small brush and the stain disappears completely. information about China Stainless Steel Sink :

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