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Household sinks are generally divided into single and double tank sinks. Some homes will have two single tanks or one three tank sink. The materials are basically stainless steel or ceramic. Today, Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers will talk to you about the size of your home sink. The size of the water tank generally has the lateral length of the water tank, the longitudinal length of the water tank, the depth of the water tank, the angle of the inner corner, the thickness of the water tank, and the like. According to the number of slots and the brand and the workmanship, the parameters are also different, and there is basically no fixed number. Here mainly talk about the rough data. First, single trough sink Small single slot, wash large space. The single-slot sink is the home of small and medium-sized apartments. The length of the single-slot water tank is generally 480-680 mm, the width is 400-435 mm, and the height is 170-230 mm. The opening size is 15-25mm smaller than the size of the sink. The closer the inner corner of the sink is to 90 degrees, the larger the basin volume will be, and the larger the visual and use area. Second, double trough sink At present, the double-slot water tank is developing in the direction of thickening, aggravating and deepening. The Chinese people are getting better and better, and they are starting to buy more and more expensive water tanks. Therefore, the average household will install double tanks. The double groove has one smaller groove than the single groove, which is slightly larger than the general large single groove, so the size is also larger. The length of the sink of the double-slot sink is generally 720-880 mm, the width is 390-450 mm, and the height is 170-230 mm. The opening size is 15-25mm smaller than the size of the sink. For aesthetic reasons, a radius of 75mm is generally used. Of course, the closer the corner of the sink is to 90 degrees, the larger the area of ​​the sink will be. It is worth mentioning that the two slots of many double-slot sinks are a combination of deep and shallow. The small slots are mainly used for draining water and large tanks for washing pots and pans. Of course, there is also a deeper level. When you buy, pay attention to your choice. Of course, the sink is not as deep as possible. Although deep tanks can hold larger pots and cutting boards, people who are taller will be very tired when they bend over, or they should buy a suitable sink. Three or three trough sink Because the three-slot water tanks occupy the kitchen countertop space, they are used less in ordinary households. However, in recent years, the residents of the 2nd and 3rd line cities have become more and more large, and they have begun to leave the homes of ordinary people. The three-slot water tank has one more trash can than the double-slot water tank, or directly connected to the kitchen waste processing machine. The water tank side generally has a tool slot and the like, and the relative function is more. The length and width of the three-slot sink are generally (850-1000mm)*(410-450mm)*(210-230mm) Fourth, the thickness of the sink All along, people think that the thicker the sink, the better, so the sink is more durable, which is actually unscientific. But it is not necessarily completely wrong. For example, the copper sink is about as good as possible, and the thickness is better, because copper has a certain amount of patina during use, and the thick focus is more practical and more textured. The stainless steel sink is made of steel and nickel and chrome. If the sink you bought is a normal product that meets the national standard, you don't have to worry about the thickness is not enough or heavy enough. The stainless steel sink is extremely difficult to wear and can be used for 20 years. time. information about Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers :