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Attentive friends will find that the sink will have a small hole, but it is not very clear, so today Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers will answer questions and tell you the meaning of its existence. First of all, some friends will install the water purifier in this small hole. Since the size of the small hole may be suitable for the size of the water purifier, it is also a good idea to use it to install the water purifier. Secondly, some friends will consider whether to store detergent according to the accessories of the sink? So through the matching of the accessories, I found the true original effect of the small hole. It is the place to fix the cleaning agent. In order to facilitate the use in the future, only need to gently press it, not only the operation is very convenient, It will not occupy the space in our lives, the most important role is to look good. Finally, the conclusion is that no matter what the role of this hole is, it is important to use this hole correctly to provide convenient services for small things in life. Therefore, as long as people spend more time thinking about it, life will become better. information about Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers :