stainlesskb afa's Album: China Stainless Steel Sink Opening

China Stainless Steel Sink is one of the most frequently used equipment in the kitchen, and most of the activities in the kitchen require dealing with the sink. Let's take a look at the knowledge of the opening of the stainless steel sink with the small series. First confirm the size of the sink and the size of the hole to be dig. After confirming the installation position of the sink, mark the opening line and punch the hole with the hole opener. The number of holes needs to be combined with the tightness of the basin. Then draw the corresponding edge shape according to the drawing at the edge of the hole, and insert the glass glue under the hole. After the water basin is placed in the later stage, it is reinforced with super glue. When installing the water tank, it is necessary to distinguish the front and back sides of the table top. If the water tank is installed on the table top, the punching position should be replaced. information about China Stainless Steel Sink :