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Usually when we decorate our own house, we will use various methods to design our own bathroom. Some friends just want to solve the drainage problem of the bathroom floor. Some grooves will be installed in the bathroom to guide the water. Inflow, such a design method can be said to be very good. However, when the individual owners are decorating the bathroom, they are afraid of affecting the overall image of the bathroom. If they hear such a method, they will not live and die, so they really missed a perfect solution. Today, Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers will share the way to decorate the sink. What is the introduction of the water guiding trough, or the groove? In fact, its design method is also very simple. We have two ways to design. The first one is to cut the marble of the shower room, and then make the inclined skid plate, which is placed in the middle of the shower room. This method can ensure that our water guiding trough, in addition to solving the sanitary drainage problem, is more slippery than ordinary tiles by increasing its contact area, especially for the elderly and children in our homes. For the family, the child stepped on it to increase its friction, and there will be no slipping problem. The whole house will also guide the water through such a trough, and quickly flow into the hole, which is strengthened overall. The beautiful and beautiful bathroom, the overall texture, let him fully integrated with the bathroom. The second one is that we buy marble with textured stripes on it, and in this case, our water can flow into our gutter along the gap of the marble, or by using our bathing position. Control out our gutters. Of course, in the process of setting the water guide, our hygiene must be paid attention to, because our water pump is very easy to get dirty during the use of the water tank, so we have to clean the water tank from time to time. I hope that everyone knows more about this matter. If you are lazy or very difficult, you must correct this shortcoming immediately. Living in a family, the first thing we must ensure is our health, otherwise the health of the family. Dirty and messy, it will easily breed a large number of bacteria, living in such an environment, the first self, health, and endangered, and then from our visual point of view, it is also very uncomfortable. information about Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers :