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  • My roommate hasn't had much playtime compared to me, but he went in blind (other than the knowledge rs gold that you can trade plat). He wanted to figure out stuff himself. He did get stuck at modding (mainly Saturn/Jupiter) but he still enjoys playing when he can and is super hyped for Fortuna (and melee 3.0 because he loves his dual wields lol).Yeah early game does a poor job explaining stuff (I did had to teach him some stuff).

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    If we don make the zone any slower (which I personally wouldn make it more visible. Make Glad raise his arm up more when he starts it up, so the flaming buckler doesn come out of seemingly nowhere.It not unreactable (It hard, but doable), but it often painfully hard to see, which makes it REALLY hard to react to. I know this isn in line with the notion of "easy implementation",

    but I think that would be the ideal end goal Just a tiny bit of animation change at the start, probably doable in a few hours tops, because there no need for complete mo capping.I completely agree with the rest. Glad kit is amazing and very "combineable", but he very slow and as such, hard to perform with.

    They do it, I could finish uni wthout attending a single lesson, but there catalogue, skipping more than 1 lecture without official lease (law enforcement or hospital) means you fail the subject regardless of performance. Pretty whack system. I already had one because I was abroad the first week.

    Probably have to submit a document for the heads to look the other way this one time. Usually it works, even if it doesn I can retake it next semester, so I not too terrified.Static Field Conductor 2x All bugs are melee, this lets you lock down any area. I just love this stratgem too much.Distractor Beacon Correct usage ofthis means you can finish possibly level 9 missions even without seeing more than half a dozen enemies. It is a great "oh damn" button on any difficulty.

    HS Light The next light is guaranteed bleed. (HS light light[B])Kick Light The light is a chain starter, so if you land a second one you get the bleed on the third. (Kick light light light[B])The third light is guaranteed ANY direction, therefore you can switch it direction to avoid the 100ms guard switch delay you get if you were to change AFTER the attack. Not a big thing, but 100ms less vulnerability(for ex when being ganked), and can confuse the opponent, especially if you plan on keeping up the offense.When kick wallsplats Top heavy deals 38 damage, side ones deal only 30. Free damage.Spammy and fast, so you are forced to stay defensive since he can use it on reaction to you (plus most of his moves have a light follow up EVEN ON MISS, which is faster than 90% of the dodge punishes any character could do, so I have to dodge and guess the 33% light parry?)
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  • 4/22/19 at 1:00 AM -
    11/30/20 at 1:00 AM
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