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  • The officers then asked to see the Happy gcs I was paying with. I also showed them the receipts from Office Depot I had in rs gold my car which had the last four digits of my Chase Ink card used to buy them, the Ink card with my name on it, and my ID which matched the name on the credit card.
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    Then the officers ordered the Home Depot manager to give me back the eBay gcs that I was able to purchase before I was interrupted. The manager threw a hissy fit, saying why are you letting the fraudster get away with his purchase. The officers said there was no evidence of fraud and no crime was committed. Manager said she would try to deactivate the eBay gc and refund the Happy gcs, which the officers allowed the manager to attempt.

    The manager finally gave me the eBay gcs back, but wanted the officers to stay and serve me with a notice banning me from all Home Depot stores. The officers explained that while I did nothing illegal, the store had the right to ban me from the store, and said I would be arrested for trespassing if I go in a Home Depot again.

    So I am faced with a dilemma, I had a few more Happy gcs left, how do I tell P2 I need her to go back the next day and use them? Thankfully when I got home the first thing she asked was how many Happy gc are left (only three) and said she would go use them tomorrow. Told her to just pocket the eBay gcs after they are activated so the manager can take the cards hostage again.

    I don really have any regrets other than not pocketing the eBay gcs after they were activated, I could have just bailed out of the store if the manger was not able to snatch them from me. As for the Home Depot ban, I don care because there is a Lowes closer to my house anyways.

    Edit: forgot to add that P2 was successful in using the remaining three Happy gcs at the self checkout at Home Depot to buy eBay gc.After ten minutes of getting nowhere with trying to void/refund the cards the officers got impatient and told the manager to give me the eBay gcs as they were wasting everyone time (the officers were not going to leave until I got back what I rightfully purchased).

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    5/30/20 at 1:00 AM
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